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Aadhaar Biometric Data Updation

  • Age < 5 years at the time of initial enrolment – Currently, all children below the age of 5 years only have their demographic data recorded. No biometrics are collected in their case and their identity is tagged to one of their guardians, who must have enrolled for Aadhaar. The child requires to be reenrolled when the child attains age of 5 years and all biometric data should be provided. A PoA, PoI & DoB verification mechanism similar to the one followed during enrolment process would need to be followed. A de-duplication would be done for the child at this stage although the Aadhaar number will remain the same. Age 5-15 years at the time of enrolment – All residents above the age of 5 years are enrolled with their biometrics, but since the biometrics, especially the fingerprints undergo some changes, UIDAI requires all such residents to furnish all biometrics for updates when the resident attains age of 15 years. Age > 15 years at the time of enrolment – Residents are recommended to update their Biometric data every 10 years.
  • Events like accidents or diseases leading to biometric exception
  • As the Aadhaar authentication service becomes ubiquitous, residents may also approach for biometric updates because of authentication failures which may result from incorrect biometric capture or poor biometric quality captured at the time of enrolment. With improvements in technology, it may be possible to capture better quality biometrics in the CIDR.