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Advance Search

The Advanced search option is a tool incorporated in the Aadhaar Enrolment Client through which a resident can get his/her copy of E-Aadhaar generated. This helps the residents who have yet not received the copy of their Aadhaar or have lost is somehow.

This tool basically serves the below four resident needs:

  • If EID/ENO/UID any one these is known: Here a resident by his/her EID/ENO can get the E-Aadhaar generated. If the resident has lost his Aadhaar copy but still remember his/her Aadhaar number, then by the Aadhaar number the resident can get the copy of his/her E-Aadhaar. The resident also needs to give his/her biometric (only fingerprint) authentication.
  • If EID/ENO/UID is not known: Here a resident by giving his/her Demographic Details, as given during the time of enrolment, could get the E-Aadhaar generated. The resident also needs to give his/her biometric (only fingerprint) authentication.
  • A Resident can also generate his/her E-Aadhaar on behalf of some other resident (Relative etc.). Here the relative or the person coming on behalf needs to give his own UID and his and biometric (only fingerprint) and the UID of the resident on whose behalf he/she has come.
  • Multiple Enrolments by Resident-If Resident has enrolled multiple times then multiple EIDs will exist. However, E-Aadhaar will be generated corresponding to only one of the EIDs as rest will be marked as duplicate. Resident can provide any of the EIDs corresponding to multiple enrolments and if Aadhaar is generated for any of the EIDs, then also system will download the E-Aadhaar.